Preventive Maintenance Services


Preventive Maintenance Services:

Preventive maintenance of electrical equipment is essential as lack of proper maintenance is mostly related to various failures. This is the prime reason of failures or breakdown of electrical equipments. In some cases, it can also result in injuries or loss of human lives. By maintaining a preventive maintenance program, one can schedule regularly conducted maintenance testing with the intention of avoiding or preventing breakdowns and mishaps.

Ultimately going for an electrical preventive maintenance program is always cost effective as it not only allows you to maximize the life of the equipment but also decreases system downtime, improves upon the reliability and maximizes the life of your equipment. Our company is one of the leading preventive maintenance services Hyderabad providers and has gained a strong foothold in the industry all these years. With Sumanth Electrical, you can avoid all these hazards and unnecessary consequences by following an efficient preventive maintenance plan.

We offer to carry out these procedures within reasonable rates and unmatched quality while overcoming all the challenges that occur in maintaining electrical equipment as well as services. Our staff is fully equipped and trained in the safe operation of testing equipment and we also offer recommendations based on the results. Is your business still looking for an efficient and safe preventive maintenance services? Look no further. Sumanth Electrical Services is here as a one-stop shop for providing you solutions for all your electrical maintenance services.

We offer the following services:
  • Preventive Maintenance and replacement of Low voltage distribution products (ACB’s & MCCB’s Contactors and Relays).
  • Preventive maintenance of MV Circuit Breakers & circuit breaker testing.
  • Periodic check of installtions.
  • Maintenance of ASCO ATS ( Low voltage & Medium voltage.
  • We have expertise in preventive maintenance, circuit breaker testing & preventive maintenance services.